Massive Military Budgets Are A National Luxury, Healthcare For Its Citizens Is Not

Paul Ryan channels his inner Ayn Rand: Health care is neither a right nor a privilege

Paul Ryan and the Right have it ass-backwards. The Left should hit the Right over the head with this club day and night. Healthcare should be a right– Massive military budgets should not be. In fact, before we the people consent to our government paying out ridiculous military budgets we should demand that the obscene US poverty rate, especially the child poverty rate (about 20%), has to come down, way down. And how about the exploitive way we treat our own children in the form of debilitating student loan debt? Shouldn’t affordable higher education be a right and not a luxury?

The Right says that healthcare is not a privilege. Where the hell did they get the idea that insane military budgets were a privilege? who came up with the idea that single digit tax rates for the richest people on the planet at the expense of our children was a right and privilege of the rich? The Right needs an education. They need to be taught basic math. There are more of us. Many, many more. It’s time to beat them bloody, metaphorically, of course, with this argument. Career ending bloody.

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