Big Data, Digital Privacy and Justifiable Paranoia –by Molly

If we ever get the world back from the Rightwing Authoritarians and Radical Capitalists then the free people of planet earth need to seriously, urgently, institute laws and controls about how data is gathered, by whom, and for what reasons. Every day that passes brings more evidence that this is going to be a critical part of keeping the future world safe and healthy and sane. An extremely critical component to our future wellbeing.

The universe of data, personal and otherwise, available in the cybersphere right now is being harvested and used for surveillance, to alter governments and perceptions of governments, sometimes for good, but often for ill. The Russians look to be leading the way in the nefarious uses of big data collection. But the Robert Mercers and Renaissance hedge funds of the world are no slackers in the field either.

Consider what can be done with just the private images that are floating around on the web:

The Surprising Things Algorithms Can Glean About You From Photos

We really do need  a holistic approach to big data and what can be done with it and what can’t. Why shouldn’t we demand such an approach? The wild west attitude about the web and our data on it is endangering us all:

Russian Spies Charged in Massive Yahoo Email Hack

And this Politico report on the paranoia in Trump’s White House is a fascinating look at the toxic personality of Trump infecting the highest levels of government, but also interesting is the paranoia around personal data collection.

‘People are scared’: Paranoia seizes Trump’s White House

We really have to start demanding a strategic look at the new digital world we live in and the data it amasses there. We have every right to demand that there are fair rules governing this new world. Rules that are designed and geared to our, the citizens, wellbeing and happiness– not rules that are geared to give preference to government control, surveillance and profit. We have the absolute right to demand this and I would advise we begin demanding it immediately.

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