Wikileaks Is Not Your Friend

Many on the Left, including us here, have, in the past, viewed Wikileaks as an ally in the fight for transparency. It’s become painfully obvious that we were duped. In our defense– We were duped by the Russians and the Russians are quickly earning the gold medal in “information operations” duping. The Russians are no joke. We were tricked by the best. But let’s go forward fully awake to the fact that Wikileaks is not our friend. They are working hand-in-hand with a brutal authoritarian regime that is trying to bring a new nationalism to planet. They are not our friends.

The CIA, for better or for worse, seems to be one of the last lines of defense against the Trump nationalistic takeover and with Wikileaks CIA document dump last week it became clear that the Russians and their agent Wikileaks is taking aim at the agency. And now it appears that Wikileaks moved to a Russian server last summer before the Democratic Convention. It’s clear now who Wikileaks is and who they’re working for.

Add to all this Wikileaks’ and Assuage’s close relationship with shady and insane character Israel Shamir and there can be no denying it.

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Holocaust denier in charge of handling Moscow cables

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