The Deep State War Spills Out Into The Open– Round-Up by Molly

Wait a minute. Who’s fighting whom here?  It looks to be, who we here at Resistance have been calling, the Radical Capitalist versus the Traditional Capitalist’s Intelligence Community. (?) If that makes any sense.

That term “Radical Capitalist” probably isn’t very good. They’re not really “capitalist”, not the way any normal economist would think. They’re  really people who want to radically concentrate wealth. Putin is no capitalist. You could call him the leader of an oligarchy, or an autocrat, or, or, one of the richest men in the world. Pretty good pay for the leader of a country with an economy the size of about Italy. The “Radical Capitalists” aren’t really capitalist at all, they’re more like thieves on a national and global scale, and they favor autocracies and dictatorships. Anyway, that’s who appears to be one side of this fight.

Other the other side it looks to be the more traditional capitalists who support some sort of, kind of, normal looking, liberal-ish democracy with a not too terribly exploitive kind of market system, and it’s the intelligence community that looks to be, kind of (where is the FBI in this fight?), sort of, fighting against the, again, “Radical Capitalists”, autocrats.

It’s a complicated, dangerous situation, but this is the way it’s looking to us here. Within that framework here’s a round-up from the front.

Flynn was a foreign agent all along? Not according to our understanding of the situation. He was always working for the Radical Capitalist/Autocrats. Trump and Pence say they were shocked, shocked to find out Flynn was a paid foreign agent. Don’t bet on it.

Trump and Pence were aware Flynn was a foreign lobbyist

Joe Scarborough is also shocked to find out his party is full of Radical Capitalist Autocrats. Lots of shock out there.

‘Morning Joe’ Is Positively Seething Over the Latest Michael Flynn Revelations

The Russian ‘Information Operations’ unit they’ve put together to fight for Radical Capitalism or Wealth Concentration and Authoritarianism should not be underestimated. These guys are top-tier and very active.

Kremlin abruptly scaled back Trump praise due to the threat posed by his instability, say reports

‘Why Would That Be?’ Jake Tapper Wonders Why ‘Propaganda Channel’ RT America is Targeting Him

And they are fearless, getting right in the CIA’s grill.

Nigel Farage Refuses to Explain Meeting With Julian Assange

It seems pretty clear that the Traditional Capitalist/Democracy forces are being led by the CIA. It’s counterintuitive for a progressive publication like this one to be rooting for the CIA, but these are crazy days and they are starting to look like the best hope that the Radical Capitalists get defeated here in the US.

The Russians appear to have no problem taking out their own either.

Deep State War? Russian Officials Keep Dying Unexpectedly

NYC medical examiner says more study needed in death of Russian diplomat

As far as the so-called ‘patriots’ on the political Right who are collaborating with an obviously corrupted and dangerous administration– the different Rightwing groups look to be selling their souls for different things. The ‘Christian’ Right are collaborating so that they control women, minorities and inflict pain and suffering on the LGBT community:

Hundreds of anti-gay Christian camps popping up across the US where teens are sent for ‘conversion’

Brace Yourselves for an Onslaught of Anti-LGBT Proposals in 2017

Trump’s leaked ‘religious freedom’ order would permit virtually all anti-LGBT discrimination

And the real Radical Capitalists are collaborating as long as they can concentrate wealth, and make individuals second class to corporations and the mega-rich– for that they will sell their souls.

Little-noticed House Republican bill would let employers demand workers’ genetic test results

Senate Republicans introduce resolution ensuring ISPs don’t need your permission to sell your private data and SSN

Notice this GOPer Congressperson thinks that the Chamber of Commerce is his real constituency, not any actual individual people in his district:

GOP lawmaker says he won’t do town halls — and touts meetings with Chamber of Commerce instead

Again, complicated, but that’s how we’re seeing the battle happening right now. That’s how we’re viewing it and framing the information that dealing with. Our view is that the US government, right now, has been taken over by forces that want to radically concentrate wealth and institute a more authoritarian regime, and those forces are fighting against those who are trying to take us back to a more traditional, somewhat free market, liberal democracy. That is the way we see it.

Also, it looks to us that the Radical Capitalists (as we’ll keep calling them for now) have the upper hand at the moment; and we here are not all that excited by the traditional free market, liberal democracy forces either, since we believe the failures of that system are what laid the groundwork for the Radical Capitalists/Authoritarians to take over. For now, though, we root for the CIA and hope for a future of an evolved democracy with an economic system based on the well-being of the larger community and not the profits of a few. That’s the way we see it, sisters and brothers.

Hannity: It’s Time for Trump to ‘Purge’ the Deep State ‘Saboteurs Before It’s Too Late’


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