Monday Crazy Train Hangover

Last week Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions tripped over his own dick and had to recuse himself from any Trump/Russiangate investigations. This is bad news for Team Trump, at least if they have any, er, vulnerabilities on this issue.

Jeff Sessions recusal could clear path for special prosecutor investigation into Trump Russia links

That could be what pissed off Trumpy the Man Child, or it could be he went ballistic because his not-insane-sounding speech was generating something like good news coverage (pretty low bar there). But whatever the reason, it has been widely reported that Trump did go insane in the membrane ballistic.

Trump angry and frustrated at staff over Sessions fallout

After the meeting Trumpy flew away to his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago douche compound, leaving Bannon and Priebus behind. Tellingly though, Bannon showed up at Mar-a-Lago douche castle later. It looks bad for Priebus and the establishment wing of the GOPers in the Trumpy White House.

Knives are out for Reince

Apparently the fresh douche air of Mar-a-Lago invigorated Trumpy enough for him to wake up early Saturday morning and accuse former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. That’s the sort of thing that should, really, alert even Trumpy’s most ardent GOPer enablers that this is a dangerously deluded person. Nope. These enablers are deep, deep in denial apparently.

The FBI Director looks to be waking up, though. Maybe. Hard to say. Comey makes me nervous:

FBI Director James Comey Wants Justice Department to Publicly Rebuke Trump Over Wiretap Claims

Quite a weekend. You have to wonder what kind of awkward long silences are passing for conversations in the West Wing today. They tried to get right back to business as fucked up usual, though. Good for them.

Trumpy the Impending Trainwreck signed a new executive order travel ban. The press and their pesky questions not welcome.

President Trump Signs New Immigration Executive Order

The court challenges to the new e.o. will be swift.

Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Opponents Ready To Challenge It In Court

Just another dysfunction hang-over Monday at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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