The Dumpster Fire-in-Chief

6:30-ish AM, East Coast time the Dumpster Fire-in-Chief took to the twitter to have a public meltdown. Obama wiretapped him. The Right’s been running with it. Sean Hannity’s twitter feed is all about ‘What did Obama know and when did he know it.’ Ha. Funny.

You’re just not sure whether to laugh of cry.

The President of the United States traffics in conspiracy theories

Republican Senator: Trump causing a ‘civilization-warping crisis’ for US with wild ‘wiretap’ charges

The answer to the Righties, I think, is: I believe George W. Bush should have been investigated for torture and other crimes. If Obama possibly committed a crime then it should investigated, by a non-partisan special prosecutor. Consistency of thought is good protection against hypocrisy. A special prosecutor could get to the bottom of this whole mess and clear Trump, Right? Absolutely.

‘You’re in Deep Sh*t’: California Congressman Lowers the Boom on President Trump

Apparently Trumpy has been in meltdown since Friday evening.

Trump blasted top aides over Sessions recusal mess in Friday White House meltdown: report

Makes you wonder if Trump is melting down because he’s sensing reality, an ugly reality, closing in on him?

‘I Believe They Exist’: Democratic Senator Says ‘There Are Transcripts’ Regarding Russia and Trump

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