A Round-Up Of Some Of The Victims Of The New National Populism

Women who have been victimized long enough by the likes of Trump and the GOPers are leading the way through this nightmare:

From Raising Consciousness to Raising Hell

But the victims of this cruel national populism are legion.

New Orleans police investigate killings of 2 transgender women within 48 hours

‘You live in Trump country now’: Gay couple attacked by drunk tourist, police say

Even in Africa many of these anti-gay policies were originally pushed by American “Christians”, the same people who gave us Trump:

Trump May Make a Very Dangerous Place to Be Trans Even Worse

Brutality and de-humanization are the hallmarks of the national populists:

WATCH: ICE agents drag away father who lived in US for two decades as daughters sob in front of school

The environment is another one of their victims as much as immigrants, the LGBT community and people of color:

Cannons, laser, radar planned to keep birds from toxic pit


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