The Big Data Police State Round-Up

Based on the pieces we’ve been working on around here I’d say the Trump’s low-bar, semi-well received, graded-on-a-curve speech to Congress was an algorithm based psyops.  Of course Trump the useful idiot can’t help being an idiot and hamming it up when it came to the fallen Seal’s widow. the Yemen operation still reeks. Reeks worse for Trump’s using the widow as a prop.

With Trump, The Buck Stops With ‘The Generals,’ Not The President

Speaking of military adventures– Trump’s people want a war. Bad:

Trump’s “Moderate” Defense Secretary Has Already Brought Us To The Brink Of War

And since there’s not much good happening at the State Department, the generals seem to be in charge:

Trump is leaving the State Department mired in chaos

Donald Trump, Master of Disaster?

The new Trumpian face of America is pretty revolting. DREAMer kids arrested in ugly ways:

DREAMer detained by ICE moments after speaking at immigration rally

And read the Australian children’s author, Mem Fox’s description of being detained. These are Americans in authority brutalizing and de-humanizing for no good reason. Revolting. Now being done in our name.

Mem Fox on being detained by US immigration: ‘In that moment I loathed America’

Well, here’s the ray of sunshine, courtesy of Lindsey Graham of all people:

‘You Just Make it a Law’: Lindsey Graham Wants 2020 Candidates to be Required to Release Tax Returns


Stay in the light sister and brothers.


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