The US military budget is a threat to National Security

The United States is turning into the Mississippi of the rich nations. Like Mississippi the US ranks at or near the bottom in almost every category of well being.

U.S. Ranks 23rd Out of 30 Developed Countries for Inequality

The Numbers are Staggering: US is `World Leader’ in Child Poverty (in “Developed” Countries)

Besides leading the way in child poverty the US also leads the world with the largest, by far, defense budget.  Against this backdrop Trumpy and the GOPers have decided that what the country desperately needs is an increase in defense spending:

Trump seeks ‘historic increase’ in defence spending

This rate of defense spending is clearly unsustainable and just as clearly is undermining the well being of it’s citizens. This unhealthy level of defense spending is also syphoning off resources that could be used to grow a more vibrant economy it they were put to things like, say, education. The military is sustained by the healthy and growing economy. To the extent that oversized defense budgets hurt the overall economy the defense budget undermines US national security.

Not only that but part of the increase to the defense budget will be paid for with cuts to the State Department budget. A double bad idea. Diplomacy done right can avoid armed conflict. So Trump and the GOPers want to cut resources to diplomacy therefore increasing the chances for costly military adventures, while at the same time redirecting resources that might be used to improve the lives US citizens and the overall economy on the domestic front.

Retired generals urge Congress not to cut funds for diplomacy

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