One Leaky-Ass boat

Funny stuff. Spicer calls an emergency meeting for the leaking White House communications shop. There’s already lawyers waiting in the meeting room and everyone is instructed to put their phones and any other electronics into a basket so it can all be checked. Sounds like a healthy work environment. Oh, and news of the meeting leaked right after it was over.

They got problems. Serious problems. Happy employees don’t leak.

Interesting also is that the comm shop had to be warned about using apps like Confide, which encrypts text messages and then auto deletes them, and Signal, another encrypting messenger. They got real problems in there. And the harder you squeeze down on situations like that the worse it gets. High anxiety.

Sean Spicer targets own staff in leak crackdown

The same thing happened at State where oil billionaire Rex Tillerson sent a memo out about the dangers of leaking and the memo instantly leaked. Oopsey.

State Department writes anti-leak memo, which promptly leaks

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