The First Bitter Tears Of Betrayal

Everyone who has supported Trump, everyone who collaborates with Trump, and the Right more generally, is going to be betrayed. Take it to the bank.

Trump, and the Right in general, does not care about the so-called ‘forgotten man’, the white working class, or any other color of working class or poor or anyone at all who is not safely in the top tax bracket. If you had to say just one good thing about the National Populist movements in Europe, like in Poland, and I’m loathe to do so, but if you had to, it would be this: At least they haven’t gone all austerity-cut-social-programs insane, in fact they’ve done the opposite and increased spending on social programs, which has probably helped to dampen some of the protests. The American version of National Socialism is, in very American fashion, a pyramid scheme. There will be no generosity for the working class or poor in America’s National Socialism.

Pat Buchanan’s generation of National ┬áPopulist Conservatives are often called paleoconservatives, they are the great-grandfather of the new alt-right. Pat has been a big Trump supporter since the day he announced. Pat, like all the other Trump supporters, is going to lose his wallet to this guy. The first moistening of the eyes; the first welling up of tears is now evident.

As has already been recorded here, the ‘Jewish Problem’ with Trump and the alt-right/neo-nazi supporters is a sore spot that’s growing more painful and, I think, promises to become critical issue between the two, especially Trump’s hardcore support of the Israelis.

Here’s Pat’s latest column. Notice how gingerly he warns his Great White Hope about close ties to the Israelis. Is it the first glimmering of a bitter tear? Get your cups ready to catch the waterfalls that will follow.

Israel First or America First

This is an exploitable division for the Left.

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