Formal Declaration of War- by Molly

The Zombie Right in this country has been at war with us- with the Left, the progressives, Americans who believe in rational government based on just laws- they have been at war with us for a long, long time. We, and our elected leaders, have deluded ourselves into thinking that we were negotiating and compromising with people who were acting in good faith. That has not been true for maybe as long as 30 years.

Remember how even Bill Clinton was hounded by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr and impeached by men who were themselves having affairs and lying about it? Remember? Remember how they threw out the special prosecutor law as soon as George W. Bush was put in power? Remember?

No sane person can forget or ignore how the Zombie Right blocked and obstructed Obama. Federal judgeships and a SCOTUS nominee were stolen from him, and now they complain about the same tactic.

These people are at war with us, and they have been, whether we knew it or not, for a very long time. Here at Resistance we now, finally and formally declare war on them. These our are enemies: Trump and every person, elected or not, who supported him and continues to support him. Our enemies are the Zombie Right. We declare war on them because, quite simply, they are trying, with all their might, to destroy us and our country. It is that simple. We have no choice. Compromise is death. Collaboration is death. We are at war.

Here is what our enemy is up to today:

Demanding documentation for domestic travel:

Customs Agents Demand Papers On Domestic Flight

Hiring known racists for top government jobs:

REVEALED: Top Trump aide Gorka worked with anti-Semitic and racist groups in Hungary

Attempting to undermine investigations into their treasonous activities:

Trump tweets anger at FBI while White House scrambles to contain fallout

Celebrating the government being populated with religious extremists:

Why the Christian Right Is Rejoicing Under Trump’s Presidency

Our enemies refuse to meet with and listen to the people who they are supposed to work for:

Crowd erupts in anger when GOP senator shows up late to town hall then tries to stall with group prayer

Their most ardent foot solders accuse us on the Left of being un-American while they proudly support a hostile government who sought and succeeded in corrupting our democratic process:

CPAC scrambles to control damage after attendees wave Russian flags during Trump speech

They attack the 1st Amendment’s free press provision, a main pillar of our democracy:

‘This is bizarre’: The internet recoils in horror at Trump’s incoherent CPAC rant against ‘fake news’

And the main reason given for the attack on the media, today anyway, is the use of ‘un-named sources’. That attack was made by the man who said this:

Our enemy is now blocking members of the legitimate press from press briefings while at the same time allowing in the biggest purveyors of ‘Fake News’ to attend.

Trump White House Bars News Organizations From Press Briefing

President Trump Gives Press Credentials To Alt Media Outlets As Alex Jones To Get A Front Row Seat

These people are our enemies. Mortal enemies. If they are not exposed, shamed and driven out they will destroy us. That is their objective. It’s time to fight back. Fight back as in war. Total War. The same type of war they have been waging on us for a very long time.



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