Anthony Bourdain Can Fuck Right Off

Anthony Bourdain Slams ‘Privileged Left’ For Their ‘Utter Contempt’ of Working-Class Americans

I’ve had enough of Anthony. As has already been said: There’s plenty of criticism to level at the Left. Plenty. Anthony is not being helpful and, I think, just being a weasel.

More about how mean the Left is being to the Yokels who brought us Trump. Fuck Anthony and fuck the Yokel Right. Anthony says: “…we deny them their basic humanity and legitimacy of their views…” But Anthony always seems to forget to, you know, kind of outline “their views”. what our “their views”, Anthony?

They seem to want to deny basic humanity to Latinos and gays, and Muslims and African Americans and… The list is long. I wonder what percent of these people Anthony is defending believe Obama is a Muslim from Kenya?

Sure seems like their views are bigoted, homophobic, racists and entitled.

What our your friends’ views, Anthony? What are their views? Kind of a critical piece of information to gloss over there, Champ.

Fuck off, Anthony Bourdain, Fuck right off.

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