The Religion of Death by Molly

Really the religion of hate, fear, lies and death, but the other descriptors all lead to death, spiritual and physical, so I think we can just call it the Religion of Death. Republicanism, the form of Republicanism that’s been staring us in the face in America for the past 30, 35 years, Republicanism is the Religion of Death.

That’s not exaggeration and Trump is not the cause. Trump may be the most pure expression of their religion of death but if he was impeached tomorrow their policies would remain largely the same.

The director of the EPA, supported by all Republicans, denies climate change and supports the fossil fuel industry 100%. This lie has already led to death and will lead to more. Some of those who will suffer and die will be their own children and grandchildren. It doesn’t give them a moment of pause. These are zealous adherents to a Religion of Death.

Economic policies that have led to an obscene imbalance of wealth have already caused much suffering and death. The worshippers of the Religion of Death will accelerate the transfer of wealth from those in need to those who already have a sickening amount of resources, with or without Trump.

Their immigration crackdown underway right now has shown a level of cruelty that only the worshipers of hate and death would tolerate. They seem to enjoy targeting women and children.

Under Trump order, immigration agents raid ‘target-rich’ communities in Texas, elsewhere

Donald Trump’s war on immigrant women

One could argue that there are members of the Republican religion that are not worshippers of death and suffering– reasonable men who will moderate these extreme policies (forms of their worship). Show me these men. McCain? Ryan? McConnell? They are the high priests in the Religion of Death. McCain, besides lobbing some vague criticism at Trump, supported Trump for president and will likely keep supporting Trump so long as he thinks it will get him even more massive defense budgets. Massive defense budgets, by the way, that will lead directly to death in the wars that the Religion of Death almost always supports; and suffering and death here at home as resources are taken from those in need and delivered to defense contractors.

Ryan has always been a vapid fraud who says ‘aw shucks’ to the press and then transfers wealth from the poor to the rich. Death is always the result of his policies. McConnell is the same only more skilled at obfuscation.

The Republican Party, with or without Trump, is, and has been for some time, one of the world’s greatest Religions of Hate, Fear, Lies and Death. Make no mistake about it.

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Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? -Matthew 23:33

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