GOPer Safe Space Round-Up

Trumpy the Clown lies. A lot.

Trump Has Lied Every Day Of His Presidency

His own staff deals with him as they might deal with a special needs 4 year old:

Trump’s Staff Is Resorting To This Trick To Keep Trump From Throwing Twitter Tantrums

‘Leaving him alone can prove damaging’: Staffers warn Trump needs constant praise and limit on TV

Notice Trumpy’s safe space is Fox News, Breitbart, DC Caller and InfoWars. Jesus Christ, if InfoWars is your safe space you got some real problems going on.

Paul Ryan is busy trying to put a smiley face on, what will be a death sentence for many, the repeal of Obamacare.

Paul Ryan Makes The Simplistic Case For Obamacare Repeal: You’ll Be Free

Mitch McConnell wishes he could crawl into an InfoWars Safe Space

McConnell Went to a Town Hall in Kentucky and Got Dunked on by a Constituent

We are going to do more on this social media angle, and Facebook specifically, very soon. Facebook is just straight starting to creep us around here.

Why Is Facebook Helping Fund CPAC?

And law enforcement is using social media against people more and more. From checking people’s social media when they’re trying to enter the country to arrested protesters’ social media, it’s a thing. A serious thing. We will be looking at alternatives and ways to protect yourself. In the meantime know this:

Law Enforcement Using Facebook and Apple to Data-Mine Accounts of Trump Protest Arrestees

And here’s two resources that will also be found on the Resources page:

1) Michael Moore’s new site with information about upcoming protests:

The Resistance Calendar

2) And an excellent article about keeping your anonymity on twitter. Excellent article:

How To Run A Rogue Government Twitter Account

Stay in the Light, Sisters and Brothers


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