Deep State Cat Fight!

If the fate of life on planet earth wasn’t at stake here I’d say– Make some popcorn, this will be good, but…

Everyone is picking up a chair and smashing it over the nearest person to them right now. The Right media, Breitbart included, is framing the Russiagate story as an attempted ‘Deep State Coup’ against Trumpy. Pretty dramatic narrative there, but they love conspiracy theories in that world. Meanwhile, Bannon’s former rag, Breitbart, is also declaring war on White House Chief of Staff Priebus, which is hilarious. Insane Trumpy kiss-ass Roger Stone has also joined the fray and is threatening Priebus on twitter and elsewhere.

Trump ally threatens to reveal damaging info on Reince Priebus amid White House power struggle

Some of the Trumpy toads who may have Russiagate vulnerabilities appear to be cracking up altogether. Check out the insane, and I’m not being hyperbolic, insane letter from Trump toady Cater Page to the DOJ:

Cater Page writes bizarre letter to DOJ blaming Hillary Clinton

Congressional GOPers are going down the extremely dangerous Bannon-Breitbart-Deep-State-Coup path. History and the Intel Community will not be kind to these jokers.

Elijah Cummings: ‘Jason Chaffetz appears to be taking marching orders directly from Trump’s tweet’

While Senate GOPers aren’t liking the look of this war with the Intel Community they’re not all in yet. We shall see where they come down as this cat fight unfolds.

Bannon and Trumpy? Double Down Don only has one move– that’s swing  back. You can guarantee that that is his response to any attack, real or imagined. If we amateurs can figure that out I have a feeling the Intel Community already had it figured out. Bannon and Trumpy are– and this is a great idea– going after the Intel Community. This should be good.

Donald Trump Just Launched A War On Whistleblowers

And note the guy who they’re thinking of leading the Intel Community purge, Stephen Feinberg, is friends with both Bannon and Trumpy. I wonder if the intel world can find anything on Feinberg?

For their part the Intel Community is not mincing their words:

“We should not — and cannot — trust this man.” A CIA vet on Trump’s feud with US spies.

And our foreign allies are also getting involved in the cat fight:


Deep state cat fight for sure. But wait, there’s more… there’s always more.

While all this is going on Trumpy the National Embarrassment is still playing the Emoluments Clause is for Losers game.

China awards Donald Trump valuable new trademark

Deutsche Bank examined Donald Trump’s account for Russia links

Trump’s business interests taint NATO diplomacy

Whew! If the Intel Community doesn’t knock Team Trumpy on their ass then exhaustion has got to kill them soon.


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