What Did You Do In ’17? This Is Not A Test.

History will judge these assclowns harshly.

House Republicans Refuse To Investigate Trump’s Russia Ties. Senate Rolls Right Past Them.

Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve

Here’s a list of questions the Trump Administration must be asked until GOPer Representatives are forced to do something, and the cowards will be:

21 more questions for President Donald Trump

Trumpy is headed to a, he hopes, feel good rally in Florida this weekend. I hope the Intelligence Community drops some more bombshells before then, and that he’s met with massive protests. Praying.

Trump announces first post-inauguration campaign rally

And, once again, our allies are getting very nervous. The sooner this unravels the better.

Another bombshell: US allies also intercepted contacts between Trump campaign and Russian operatives

On the up side– Women’s Rights activists are planning a general strike for March 8th.

Women’s Rights Activists Just Announced Another HUGE Anti-Trump Protest

And here is another resistance resource which will also be posted on the Resources page:

Resistance Database



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