What Did The FBI Know And When Did They Know It?

When did the FBI know the Trump Campaign was in contact with the Russians? And why didn’t FBI Director Comey make any public comments about that? Instead opting only to comment on investigations involving Clinton? The FBI reeks of corruption.

Senate Intelligence Committee Member Suggests FBI Is Sitting on Information on Trump-Russia Ties

Flynn puts FBI director back in spotlight

Tump advisers were in contact with Russia throughout the campaign

Meanwhile, it appears that the larger intelligence community has Trump and his administration in their crosshairs:

‘He will die in jail’: Intelligence community ready to ‘go nuclear’ on Trump, senior source says

Our allies are shitting bricks about this time:

‘What the f*ck is going on?’: European allies alarmed as Trump administration descends into chaos

And while the country descends into an existential crisis the GOPer’s show their true colors. They are the party of the super-wealthy, of the profitable corporations, and, first and foremost– they are the party of and for the Republican Party. Fuck the country. Fuck the middle-class and poor. In fact, just fuck-it all! Fuck everything and everyone who is not the Republican Party!

As White House spirals into crisis, what will Congress do? GOP leaders face unhappy choice

We Must Know the Truth About Trump’s Relationship with Russia—Now

The 10 Most Galling Republican Responses to the Michael Flynn Scandal (So Far)

‘Do You Hear the Silence?’: Elijah Cummings Slams Republicans for Lack of Oversight of Trump and Flynn

It may be a good thing the GOPer’s are showing their true colors. By the time this is over what’s left of their credibility will be right down the toilet.

At this point we have to hope that the Trump nightmare unravels fast. The country is in a dangerous position as long as he and his minions control the Executive Branch.



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