Vultures Circling Round-Up

This piece by Jake Trapper is long overdue:

Jake Tapper schools Trump on the difference between news and conspiracy

Congressional GOPers don’t think it’s a good idea for the governed (us) to be able to see Trumpy’s tax returns. Here’s a good article from the DailyKos and list of some of those GOPers with convenient contact information included:

Meet the 23 Republicans blocking congress from seeing Trump’s tax returns

Really, shouldn’t we push congress to pass a law requiring presidential candidates to disclose at least 5 years of returns? In the name of good governance.

Speaking of shameless GOPer hypocrisy:

Democratic Rep.: Chaffetz’s ‘Refusal to Investigate Russia Ties Is a Dangerous Cover-Up’

Chaffetz really is funny. Before the election he bragged that he had years worth of investigation lined up for President Clinton. Things turned out different.

A different angle on the sad and sorry state of affairs:

Fleeing America: Why refugees are risking life and limb to escape to Canada

And this video of Flynn yelling “Lock her up!” we ran yesterday, but this thing just don’t get old.

Michael Flynn Yelling: “Lock Her Up!”

And Trumpy’s Russian friends are getting nasty all of the sudden:

Emboldened Putin Rolls Out Missiles That Violate Treaty

Four ‘unsafe and unprofessional’ Russian warplanes buzz US Navy ship

Stay in the light.

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