Siege Engine

It’s kind of an academic question at this point, but I’m starting to wonder whether Trumpy the Clown is delusional or psychopathic. It’s definitely one of the two. Yesterday he tweeted out about all the well-wishers lining his route in Palm Beach, FL.

Yea, except they were protesters. Trump: Media won’t report on ‘enthusiastic supporters’ at Mar-a-Lago . We should really make sure he can’t confuse protesters with supporters in the future.

Trump the Illegitimate Clown and his people sure do lie a lot:

WATCH: 19 lies the Trump administration told this week

The newest bright star in the Trump constellation is Stephen Miller. He’s gotten part of the blame for having a hand in writing the Muslim Ban Executive Order with Bannon. Bannon brought him on to Team Trumpy. Oh, and Miller and neo-nazi Richard Spencer, yea, they go way back to their days a Duke University where they worked together on Rightwing causes. Lovely. So, Miller was the Trump Administration’s face this weekend and he lied and lied and lied, specifically about 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes that Trumpy likes to pretend happened:

The White House Put Stephen Miller On Four Sunday Shows To Dodge, Lie, And Attack The Media

The Media outlets that keep letting these Team Trumpies come on the air and blatantly lie are doing a huge disservice to their viewers and, even worse, helping to poison whatever is left of American Democracy by undermining people’s faith in our democracy. They really need to figure this out. We need to start sending emails the outlets that are running this garbage.

But I can’t help wondering– Do they really believe the he streets in Palm Beach were lined with supporters and millions of people voted fraudulently? Are they delusional or are they psychopaths and don’t care?

Hard to say, but… A fake Lincoln quote? I don’t get it. Trump puts up a fake Lincoln quote to mark Lincoln’s birthday. Pretty easy to check that. Then the GOP puts up the same fake quote. Is it mass delusion? Or is it mass psychopathy?

Trump posts fake Abraham Lincoln quote

I don’t know what it is, but, either way, it ain’t good news.

The siege seems to be having good effect, though. The constant protest; the calling them out on these pathetic, constant lies; the ridicule– these siege weapons look to be making them crack. Drive them into their bunkers. Make them flee town halls and hallucinate that protesters are supporters. Roll in the siege engines.

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