War, War, War and more War

Here’s part of the sickness of the United States that helped create Trump: The US has a childhood poverty rate of around 22%. The highest rate of the so-called ‘advanced nations’. The United States also has the highest defense budget on the planet at about 27% of our total budget. Incredible, right? The normal defense budget for an ‘advanced nation’? 6 to 10%. There’s something horribly obscene about those numbers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Right in this country– hell, the Right and the Left– had to prove their ideas worked. Say the defense budget can never get above 10% of the total budget until the child poverty rate was below, say, 5%. They’d be in a hurry up fast-time mode to come up with ideas that work then. Why don’t we do that after Trump and his GOPer zombies blow-up the boiler?

Trump’s Advisers want war everywhere

What Happens When All We Have Left Is the Pentagon?

And this Yemen raid just keeps smelling worse and worse. I have to wonder now if the Trump special needs brain trust didn’t rush the thing trying to get a big headline on the day of inauguration. It’s sure starting to look like they rushed it without the right conditions or good intel for that purpose. I hope not, but it looks and smells rancid.

Yemen Aftermath: Trump’s First Military Raid Continues To Raise Questions

Leaked Military Official Comments Claim Trump’s First Counter-Terror Op Was “Undertaken Without Sufficient Intel… Backup Prep”

The so-called Trump Administration needs to be asked why they OK-ed the raid on inauguration day to get them on the record on this.

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