Wretched Round-Up, Fascism Forever Edition

So, uh, Judge Gorsuch, uhm…? Where the hell do they find these people? Guy seems to love Christofascist corporate authoritarianism. Is that even a thing? Apparently so.

Gorsuch in His Youth: ‘Fascism Forever’

Curious and curiouser, The Breitbart editor, former 4chan alt-right troll, and gay Jewish white supremacist (?) Milo and Donald are having a lovefest inspired by the protest at Berkley over Milo’s scheduled and then cancelled speech there. The world has gotten very complicated.

Donald Trump Defends Far-Right Troll Milo Yiannopoulos

More of Steve Bannon’s reading list is emerging. The Fourth Turning is one of his favorites. From what I gather it’s about blowing up the system every 80 years or so, oh, and guess what? It’s time. And Steve’s the man for the job. Serious.

REVEALED: Steve Bannon’s apocalyptic worldview about civilization’s coming ‘trial by fire’

So, there’s still tons of growth potential in the ‘Trump is crazy as shit market’. New highs again today. Where will it end?

At First National Prayer Breakfast, Trump Slams ‘Apprentice,’ Says ‘We Have to Be Tough’ on World

Nancy Pelosi Suggests Donald Trump Get His Mental Health Checked

Mounting dissent: Former diplomat reveals officials fear Trump is a serious national security threat

That 25th Amendment is looking better and better.

And this leaked executive order draft is a big step towards that Christofascist corporate authoritarian thing Gorsuch and his ilk are dreaming about.

Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping

Stay in the light, brothers and sisters.

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