American As Hubris Pie

We have reported here before that America’s vast ‘Special Operation’ machine appears to be veering off into bad-actor-ville.

Seal Team 6 Appears To Be Getting All War Crime-y

Now we have a case of a Seal Unit driving around in military vehicles flying a Trump flag. Not a sign of high end professionalism there.

Military Convoy Flying Trump Flag Belonged to SEAL Unit

We seem to have our Special Operations lads beginning to act like drunken cowboys who now have a half smart psychopath as their Commander-in-Chief. This is not going to go well.

Resistance has also been looking at the diasaterous Yemen operation since word of it came out. As more news is available it just gets worse and worse.

U.S. Military Probing More Possible Civilian Deaths In Yemen Raid

The civilian death toll keeps rising, oh, and there’s the little matter of that $72 million V-22 Osprey that had to be destroyed.

This whole thing was a complete shit-show. I seem to remember Trumpy saying he knew more than the generals. I have to ask: Which generals was he talking about? It definitely wasn’t the jihadist generals in Yemen who he knows more than. Definitely not them.


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