Does This Guy Sleep?

At this rate Donny may blow a casket before he’s impeached or starts WW3.  If his first military foray is an omen it bodes ill. A special operation in Yemen went horribly wrong. With the deluge of Trump chaos it’s getting lost but a Seal was killed along with an 8 year old American girl and 30 non-combatant  civilians. A real bloody mess. Bad, bad omen.

SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid

Of course, the big news at the moment is Trump firing acting AG Yates, but wait, there’s more– Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud Expert’ is Registered in 3 States, but no one will be bothering with that since Trump the Manic Clown is going to announce his SCOTUS pick tomorrow which will cause hand wringing in the Democratic Party ranks. This should be easy: Trump is evil and insane– Oppose and Obstruct everything, Everything, Trump and the Republicans bring to a vote. Everything. Especially SCOTUS picks. If they get their nominees through let them do it without the help of anyone who cares about the country. Thank you.

Oh, and just to keep things interesting, in the Pacific:  China military official: War with US under Donald Trump ‘becoming practical reality’, and in the multiple layered powder keg that is the Middle East, everyone is running around with lit flares: After Iran tests ballistic missile, Netanyahu urges rethink of ‘failed’ nuke deal.

Well, if we make it to the weekend Trumpy will be headed to Palm Springs for some well deserved R&R. If you live in the area or are up for a road trip you should totally stop into Trumpy’s gilded club to let him know what a grand job he’s been doing. Trump spending weekend at his Palm Beach Resort

And here’s a little more nightmare fuel for those who can handle it:

Bannon is forming a ‘shadow NSC’ with no paper trial

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