“The super genius of all time.” President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump

We’ve got ourselves in a real pickle here. It appears we have a delusional mentally ill person as our president and a sleazy nazi zealot effectively running the executive branch of our government through half-baked extremists executive orders. That appears to be the situation in a nutshell.

Another Trump Lie: ‘I’m Smart’

Trump’s Executive Order Is Already Hurting Refugees, Muslims And Families

One of the consistently frightening aspects of this situation is that a large minority of our fellow Americans seem to be completely onboard with this dark, idiotic and fascist move. This part of America is eventually going to have be dealt with. Some how, some time, some way.

Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque goes up in flames

Carl Bernstein is seeing the writing on the wall and has been one of the people sounding the alarm.

Carl Bernstein Nails Trump’s Voter Fraud Quack: ‘This Is the Birther Conspiracy All Over Again’

The spearhead of the counter-attack should be on Trump’s fitness to serve at this point, but the Left, us who are resisting, can not stop there. We have to be thinking about what comes next. How to rout the fascist Right and modify the constitution going forward to make a repeat of this nightmare less likely.

A View From The Left: Journalist must start covering the elephant in the room– Trump’s mental health



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