“You had me almost as a legendary figure, I like that,” Trump said to Morning Joe

Joe Scarborough. Today Joe sent out a tweet about how shocked he was, shocked, the Zombie Right looks poised to blow-up the debt. Shocked.

Jeez. If the guy had only been around and paying attention to politics during the George W. Bush Administration or the Reagan Administration he wouldn’t be so surprised. This is what they do, right? What is that definition of insanity? Because this is insanity on steroids.

And a double dose of steroids at that since Joe was one of the many media figures to help Donald take the presidency.

Off-camera audio of Scarborough, Trump surfaces

Well, maybe Sean Hannity will kick his ass soon. That’d be fun. As long as Sean fell in an open manhole right after.

‘You Have Many Skeletons in Your Closet (&Office)’: Hannity Continues Feud With Scarborough


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