A Mean, Low-Down Spirit Takes Hold

This feels about right:

Violence And Destruction Flare Up In D.C. As Inaugural Ceremony Begins

25,000 Hit The Streets In Massive NYC Anti-Trump Rally Hours Before Inauguration Day

‘In this man I see my abuser’: Sexual assault survivors project powerful messages to Trump supporters

I pray Anonymous is going to make good:

Anonymous To Trump: ‘You Are Going To Regret The Next 4 Years’

Here’s some scenes from the  new Trump America, the America that’s always been:

LISTEN: Rudy Giuliani told a 9/11 sex joke at Trump Inauguration lunch

‘Shoot that b*tch!’: Louisiana men film themselves harassing and punching a trans woman

And this guy, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke– big Trump supporter and power abuser. If this guy wasn’t wearing a badge bad things would happen. They will, according to the spiritual economy. His day is coming:

‘Next time they may get knocked out’: Trump-loving sheriff defends detaining man for criticizing him

A mean and low-down day.

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