Revolting Round-Up

Dark days, indeed.  Dark Days Ahead—What to Expect From President Trump

Despair seems to be the order of the day:  Robert Reich on Trump’s swearing in: ‘A sickening event… and a tragedy for America and the world’

Rep Elijah Cummings has to try and warn us in charades since he’s under classified briefing restrictions. Sounds bad. Real bad.  Elijah Cummings Has Ominous Warning: Congress Has Info on Trump That Would Shock Americans

Trumpy does not give a shit, though. Not one. He wants North Korean style military parades, goddamnit!  Trump Sought Military Equipment For Inauguration, Granted 20-Plane Flyover

All we got for sunshine is revolt, defiance, resistance and protest.  Inauguration protests: your guide to where you can make your voice heard‘He does not have a mandate’: anti-Trump inauguration plans sow defiance.

Stay in the light, sisters and brothers.

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