The Queer World Of Mike Pence

Mike Pence is not a big fan of The Gay. They love him on the zombie Right for this. I can report that the alt-right 4chan boys are crazy for Mike Pence. Remember Mike was one of the first ones out of the gate with the, so-called, ‘religious freedom’ laws when he was governor of Indiana. Don’t be fooled by the zombie’s 1984-reverse-naming-technique. ‘Religious Freedom’ to them means ‘right to discriminate’; like their ‘right to work’ laws are union killing laws. They are some perverted bastards, for sure.

Anyway, Mike Pence was on Mike Wallace’s show on Fox, and his answers about the Trump Campaign coordinating with the Russians are quite, well, parsed and legality aware. Interesting stuff.

Mike Pence’s weaselly answers set off alarms

And in more weaselly Mike Pence news, the queer rights group, Werk For Peace, is planning a protest queer dance party in front of Pence’s new D.C. digs. I love it.

“We will happily protest bigotry through love, connection and dance,” Nasr says of the event, which was organized by Werk for Peace and the Disrupt J20 Collective, both Washington, D.C.-based formations. “We are coming out in all our glamor and all our fabulousness, and we are ready to werk.”

Queer Rights Group Plans to Throw Mike Pence a Dance Party He Won’t Soon Forget

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