Like Love, The News Seems To Come In Spurts

We’ll get the nasty out of the way first. I always throw-up a little inside whenever I see Trump talking, it’s an allergic reaction I suppose. This video is worth the hurl, though.

Trump Admits to Relationship with Putin in 2013

Judith Miller, who used to write for the Times and pretty much ran the Bush Administration’s propaganda operation in the lead up to the Iraq War, felt the need to bad mouth Chelsea Manning. Takes some cojones, but not much frontal lobe.

‘You literally caused the Iraq War’: Internet rips Judith Miller for blaming war deaths on Chelsea Manning

Senator Al Franken took Trump’s Education Secretary nominee, Betsy Devos to task for her and her billionaire family’s support for anti-LGBT causes:

WATCH: Al Franken destroys Education appointee Betsy DeVos over her support for gay conversion therapy

The US Press Corps sent a strongly worded letter to Herr Trump. It sounds good. Let’s see if they follow through.

US press corps fights back with open letter to Trump: You won’t set the rules for us

And Rachel Maddow questions whether Trump will pull the troops that Obama just sent to Poland and Norway out to appease Putin, as we did here yesterday:

Maddow: Will Trump pull troops recently deployed near Russia’s border because Putin has something on him?

Whew. Hang in there.


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