Looking Past The Catastrophe by Molly Morrow



Resistance is important. Even if you lose. No matter what happens I want my name on that list.

I hate to sound too dark, too alarmist, but honestly, it don’t look good. The resistance, the fight against Trump, his administration, the larger forces of the Murkan Zombie Right, may well end in failure. Economic disaster, environmental catastrophe, full blown autocracy, out of control warfare, or, WW3– The odds look good, to me, for any or all of these.

Well, if so, what then?

Who the hell knows.

Count me in for the full-on death match in the resistance theater but I think it may turn out to be important to think ahead to the ‘what if…?’. A plan B. And I think it’s worth delving into in more depth in the coming days and weeks and months ahead. So this is just a strategic introduction to the idea of what to do if it all burns down.


1)  The “S” Word

Secession. I know. Crazy talk, right? Think back a year ago. Anyone talking about what we are now facing may well have been accused of  crazy talk. I don’t think it’s crazy talk at all in this new, uncharted world we now find ourselves in. If there is an obvious move towards autocracy then this could be a way to deal with it, or if there is a complete breakdown. There’s a lot of problems with this option, I admit, but the time may come when it is the best option. One of the problems I see immediately is that the two like-minded groups of states are on different coasts. How that is dealt with, I won’t pretend to have the answer to at this point. One thing that can be done now is to lay the foundation for such an option. Simply start making noise about it and asking state representatives to begin thinking about the option and exploring how it might technically be done.

That’s one thing to think about for on the other side of a national catastrophe that will require more exploration going forward.

2) Constitutional Reform

Another issue, post apocalypse, if there is anything left to work with, is Constitutional Reform. The founders did an admirable job with our first constitution but the thing is dangerously rickety at this point. Here’s a few obvious areas that need to be completely reworked in my opinion, there are others, no doubt, so it’s another area that needs to be explored more in depth as we walk through this valley of the shadow of death.

  • Aspects of the constitution that are antithetical to democracy such as the senate, where the 600,000 or so citizens of Wyoming have the same representative power as the 35 million or so citizens of California. And the electoral college, which gave us a near disaster with George W. Bush and may well lead to the destruction of the nation with Trump.
  • The 4th Amendment protections regarding privacy and seizure of property has been seriously hollowed out, especially by the War on Drugs and now by the, supposedly, War on Terror, inviting authoritarianism.
  • The 2nd Amendment, for obvious, sane reasons.
  • The 8th Amendment should be re-written to explicitly ban torture. Even for foreign nationals. It should also define torture in the broadest terms, and again, explicitly ban forms that have recently become favorite forms, such as waterboarding, extended isolation and the death penalty.
  • The legal fiction of corporate personhood has to be addressed as it is also greatly responsible for the horrors now being visited on us.
  • Public funding of all elections.

These are just some areas that jump out at me when I think about a constitutional re-writing. I’m sure there are others.

To restate: Dark days are ahead of us, and fight we must, even if we are to lose. If we fight and lose then let’s be prepared to build something better and durable on the rubble pile.

Peace and Godspeed.

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