The Future The Hillbillies Just Bought For America Looks like Kansas

The Government the hillbillies have forced on America is set to concentrate more wealth in the hands of fewer; move us more towards a theocracy and slash the social safety net. Thanks hillbilly fucks.

“Look to the states and you can see what this conservatism looks like in action. The same Tea Party that handed the House of Representatives to Republicans in 2010 also elevated Sam Brownback to the Kansas governor’s mansion and gave him GOP majorities to work with. In short order, they slashed income taxes for the wealthy, repealed taxes for tens of thousands of businesses, privatized Medicaid delivery, and slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from the state education budget. The results speak for themselves. Tax cuts starved the state for revenue, earning it massive deficits with little additional job growth. Those deficits sparked a fiscal crisis, forcing painful cuts to higher education and other essential services.”

That’s from Jamelle Bouie’s piece in Slate The Most Extreme Party Coalition Since the Civil War. Definitely worth a read.


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