She Had It Coming

Trump uses the language of an abuser. He really does. If you look at him in that light he’s very predictable. Since the intelligence report came out yesterday clearly showing extensive Russian involvement in getting Trump elected he has, naturally, blamed the victim, or one of the victims. The Democratic Party had it coming.

Understand Trump a classic abuser and you predict his future.

Trump continues meltdown over Russian involvement in election — by blaming the Democrats for hack

Of course this adds to his illegitimacy which offends and aggravates his many other psychological ailments; like his psychopathy, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, etc.

Security analyst warns Russian hack report undermines legitimacy of Trump presidency: ‘He knows it’

These issues of legitimacy– The Russian Election Hack, Lose Of The Popular Vote, etc., should be shoved in his face constantly. He will crack from that.

Alec Baldwin Continues Taunting Donald Trump With Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

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