What? Is This Guy A Frickin’ Used Car Saleman?

What the hell, man? Now I wake-up in the morning, have some coffee and check out what’s going on in the world, and, oh, look, the Commander-in-Chief has been up early on the twitter machine again. After I clean up the coffee I spit out, I’m thinking, Oh great, it’s more used car salesman bait and switch, lies and insane nonsense. Wow. Welcome to the new Trumpets the Clown Murka.

Boy, it’s going to get tedious shooting down every lie and bait and switch routine from this joker. It might be easier to just assume everything he says is lying drivel. But just a couple of quick points here. His ‘I’m a big fan of intelligence community…’ He sounds insane, unless he’s talking about the Russian intelligence community. This clown has been knocking the American intel community for weeks. My head hurts.

After deriding it for weeks, Trump now claims to be a ‘big fan’ of the intelligence community

And the Assange part, where he says, ‘simply stating what he states.’ Ok, that’s a fun special needs game. And I would be simply stating what what my cat says when I call Donald Trump a moronic, pathological lying ass clown. Games are fun!

Oh, and the part where he says Dems and Reps should just get along and then two seconds later calls the Democratic Minority Leader the “head clown”, that’s nice– if you’re a fan of cognitive dissonance. Trumpets the Clown is a serious mental defective, boys and girls.

Jesus Christ, the guy hasn’t even been sworn in yet.


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