Let The Games Begin

Welcome to 2017. It is what it is. This is where we’re at. No sense in whining about it, let’s just be ready to rumble.

We started putting together Resistance a few weeks ago with the intention of putting out a publication that would further the struggle against the forces of Trump and the political Right. Our goal was to be up and running by the first. Here we are. There’s still tweaks and changes to be made but she’s up and running.

The idea behind Resistance is to be an effective fighting tool so we’ll try to stay focused on ideas and actions that work, but we know that fighting is tedious and ugly work so we’ll also try to keep it… well, humane and decent, so woven in there will be satire, or Fake News, if you like, but it will be clearly tagged as such; and music/playlists and video, because we all need a Happy Place Break from time to time. The Music/Video menu at the top will archive these things. There’s a ravey playlist up today called: Let The Games Begin, hopeful it will help smooth out the rough spots today.

Any suggestions, playlists or submissions can be sent to michael@freeraven.net and they would be appreciated.

Stay strong, and don’t forget to click on any ads that interest you– A fighter has to eat.

Peace and Victory,

Molly Morrow, Editor



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