The Jewish Problem

Provocative lede, I know, but it’s true, there’s some serious Jewish based issues coming fast. Here’s a short list:

1) Neo-Nazi support for Trump. There’s no denying that some of Trump’s most enthusiastic support came from the neo-nazi alt-right. There was probably another sizable chunk of support that came from people who are at least passively sympathetic to the neo-nazi cause. These people are anti-Semitic. Trump has been picking a lot of “global bankers” for his cabinet and is being advised by his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner. These things are not escaping the notice of the neo-nazis who supported Trump. You can already hear some rumbling about this on some of the far Rightwing corners of the web.

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2) Trump’s support of the increasing hardline Israeli position. The Israeli’s have been drifting further and further into the hardline Right. Trump appears to not only support them in this but has picked an ambassador, David Freidman, to Israel who is even further Right than the Israeli government in that he is calling for the annexation of the West Bank. This whole continuing Rightward policy of the Israelis, and now of Trump, is surely, almost guaranteed, to lead to conflict, more conflict, in the region. If there’s more conflict and possibly American military involvement in the Middle East how will the American electorate react? How will Trump supporters react to increasing military expenditures, especially if social programs are being cut and taxes for the rich are reduced? How will the racist factions react to defending the Jewish State? How will they react to sending their children into more Middle East quagmires?

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3) Jewish American Liberals. Are they going to want to support the more hardline Trump policy concerning Israel or will they reject the policy of human rights violations, war crimes and more Middle Eastern conflict?

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