For years I’ve had an obsession with tracking, following, reading and listening to Rightwing Zombies. I read their rags, their columns; I stalk their sites and listen to them argue.

Why? Two reasons. First I’m sincerely interested in examining and testing what passes for their smart ideas. I can honestly report that very little that I’ve seen passes even the most delicate testing. Once in a while, though, I come across a Right-winger whose had an epiphany. The second that happens they are expelled from the party. I like to keep a list of the exiles.

The other reason I follow these zombies is because of something critical I learned in the military: Know your enemy. Know them inside and out. Know what they’re going to do before they know. Know how they’ll react to an attack and have the reaction avenue boobytrapped in advance. Know your enemy.

In keeping with this sideline of mine I know the 4chan political discussion board intimately. It would be easy to dismiss these people as bottom tier basement dwelling trolls. That would be a mistake. They have become incredibly influential to the Neo-Right. They had key importance in birthing the so-called ‘alt-right’. Make no mistake, the ‘alt-right’ is nothing more than a neo-neo-fascist white supremacist movement. I spend a lot of time creeping 4chan, I know of what I speak. They are, proudly and literally, neo-nazis. They extol┬ánational socialism authoritarianism and Northwestern European domination. They are explicit about it.

I’m working on more dealing with 4chan and the alt-right but for now here’s an article on one of their current operations:

Trolls Are Doing All They Can To Destroy Entire Communities

Again, it would be a huge mistake to dismiss these boys.


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