The First 100 Days Of The Nightmare

Looking grim, and of course none of this takes into account the almost certain international-test-misstep or Trump/Zombie Right induced catastrophe.

House conservatives’ sweeping plan for Trump’s first 100 days, explained

On the international minefield that awaits the steady, nuanced hand of Trumpets the clown:

Vladimir Putin wants a new world order. Why would Donald Trump help him?

And on that front China appears eager to test Trumpets with some good old fashion escalation. Maybe the Chinese hackers will come up with RNC and Trump Administration emails. My fingers are crossed:

China flies nuclear bomber over South China Sea as a ‘message’ to Donald Trump

Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone

The last line of defense hope is the Electors.

The electoral college should think hard before handing Trump the presidency

That fails and it’s all about guerrilla warfare resistance, maybe secession, and, almost certainly, catastrophe, and then, maybe, rebuilding on the rubble.



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