The Trains Are NOT Running On Time

Right now in America the North Carolina Legislature is having a secret coup. Watch this. This is likely how it plays out on the federal level. They’ve kicked the public out, arrested members of the press and are installing a kind of fascist wall up in the state. They do it in darkness because it is so shameful.

It was said of Mussolini that at least he got the trains running on time. Not true. Look into it. Another lie. He didn’t even manage to get the trains running on time. Ironically it took piano wire to get the trains running on time.

Note the names of these people who are taking over the government in secret. Know their names. Remember their names.

Public Barred from Viewing N.C. Legislative Coup; Reporter Apparently Arrested

Journalist among 16 arrested as protestors storm NC General Assembly over ‘shameful’ special session


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