Lügenpresse. The Lying Media. by Molly

Lügenpresse, the phrase has an ugly fascist history, the lying media, the phrase the American Zombie Right likes– They’ve been using for years and years now. There is a lot of problems in the America media, no doubt, but the Zombie Right isn’t concerned about Corporate ownership of the media or their New Shiny Thing attention span, the Zombie Right uses the phrase the same way the German Fascist used it in the 30’s. The Germans used it to undermine reporting about their vile actions, and eventually to shut down the free press. That is exactly what’s  going on here.

Yesterday Trump’s senior lie-bot, Kellyanne Conway, tweeted out a story from Fox News that said something favorable about Trumpets the Clown. See, the Zombie Right hates the press, unless they don’t, and often they don’t when the source is Fox News or Alex Jones’ Infowars.

In keeping with the idea to copy what has been working, especially the dark magic of Frank Luntz, the effective response is to give it a simple name and say it over and over and over again.

Lügenpresse is the word. The lying Media is the phrase. Whenever the Trump Camp or the Zombie Right sights the press or a media report the same charge should be thrown back at them that they make about true press reports that expose them: Lügenpresse. The Lying Media.

Make them own it.

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