What Passes For The Right’s Deep Thoughts by Molly Morrow

Redstate fancies itself a smart Rightie rag. They passively oppose Trump but their rag regularly cheers many of his, uhm, ‘policies’. Trump, if nothing else, is a great filter. Everyone is getting run through the Trump Filter, whether they like it or not. You will have to take a stand, one way or another. The bottom line is: You will either be supporting the Trump Right or opposing it. There’s really no middle ground.  You can tell me all day long about how you hate illegal immigration or love baby Jesus, or anything else you want to qualify it with, but if the bottom line is– You support Donald Trump… Bam! That’s really all we need to know, isn’t it?

Yesterday Redstate ran a headline titled: Still Waiting For The Democrats To Apologize To Romney About That Whole Russian Thing

Cute, Right? ‘That Whole Russian Thing’. Very cute.

And really… These guys are the Thinking Right? The Right’s in fucking trouble then.

No one owes Mitt an apology. Remember the ‘Whole 47% Thing’? But even if he was right about Russia, and I’m not sure what he meant when he said that during a debate, but even if he was right– He just, and I mean JUST, sold his rotten soul to Trump. He went and ate frog legs with the man and kissed his ass. Trump. America’s greatest threat, said Mitt, is Russia. Russia’s pick to be POTUS was and is Donald J. Trump. Mitt sat down, ate frog legs and groveled to the Russian’s pick for President.

Holy Fuck, Redstate, did you guys wake up late for the short bus again?

See, Mitt AND Redstate owe America an apology. America, not the Democrats.

Keep in mind, these are supposed to be the smart ones.



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