100 Days Down The Rabbit Hole

Lies, Russians and embarrassing incompetence. That’s what we’re writing on the tombstone of Trumpy’s first 100 days of abomination.

This praising Kim Jong-un– add this to the Trumpy psych-profile– Serious Daddy Issues. He identifies with Kim:

Trump praises North Korean dictator from the Oval Office while his administration prepares for war

Here’s some good news, though: After 100 days we are still here, and the Resistance is hardening and growing:

Protest takes on Trump’s climate policies — and the heat — in DC march

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Jason Chaffetz and Ezra Cohen-Watnick– What is up with these two jackasses?


Chaffetz is the Chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee, who, you may remember, was ridiculous in his pursuit of the non-Benghazi story and Hillary Clinton, and who also had no interest at all in investigating Russian election hacking and ties to Trump– that guy, he announced Wednesday that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election, which is odd, given his position, but then today he hinted that he may resign his seat before his term is even up. What gives?

Don’t say ‘A Russian connection’, please don’t. It’s just too much with the Russians at this point.

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Monday Round-Up

The first thing up is pretty minor but for some reason is really bothering me. John Oliver did a bit about the Right’s, and Geraldo Rivera’s, joy in dropping the MOAB bomb in Afghanistan (screen grab below links to video).

Geraldo didn’t like that one bit and started squawking about “throat cutting savages”. Nice.

‘Throat Cutting Savages’: Geraldo Responds to John Oliver

Someone should tell Geraldo about those ‘throat slashing savages” in Saudi Arabia.

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Nuclear-Winter and Russiagate-Arrests Are Running Neck And Neck Down The Stretch

This could be a photo finish.

Tomorrow the North Koreans will be throwing a big party, The Day Of The Sun they call it, a birthday party for Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea.

April 15 is officially known in North Korea as “The Day of the Sun” and marks the birthday of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, in 1912. (Incidentally, he was born on the same day that the Titanic sank.) –Washington Post

No one would be surprised if they blast a nuclear weapon to mark the occasion. Meanwhile Trumpy the Jackass has sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the peninsula.

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Blowing Stuff Up Round-Up

The image above will link you to a youtube video about the MOAB, which military-fetish types call “mother of all bombs”. It actually stands for “massive ordinance air blast”.  Team Trumpy and their military knuckleheads are having a bang-up time right now, blowing shit up and threatening people. They don’t get to play with MOABs very often. They’re actually inefficient compared to dropping more, relatively small bombs. The brass justifies their big bang party by saying the MOAB has psychological effects that make it worth while. They really just like the super big boom. It’s really hard to listen to these people sometimes. It really is.

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Careening Koched-Up Hacker Round-Up

The FBI has been rounding up Russian hackers for some time now. There seems to be a quickening global dragnet happening.

 Arrests have ranged from Finland to Thailand, as agents caught members of Russian hacking organizations which stand accused of exploiting weaknesses in our internet security protocols and of spreading disinformation, propaganda, and fake news throughout North America.

U.S. sweeping up Russian hackers in a broad global dragnet

Accused Russian hacker Pyotr Levashov was arrested on April 9 in Spain is the most recent that we know of. This has been going on for some time though.

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Russians… So Many Damn Russians…

First I have to give a shout-out to Bill Palmer at The Palmer Report. I encourage you to support this publication, They’re doing the kind of insightful and fearless work that is needed now more than ever. And they have been all over the various and, at times, complicated twists and turns of the Russiagate story.

Trump’s ties to Russian mobsters and Bankers and Intelligence Officers is deep.

Trump’s business network reached alleged Russian mobsters

The FBI seems to have been working the Russian Mob angle for some time now and they have started making arrests.

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Holy Smack! Our Government Seems To Be Imploding Before Our Eyes. Breaking: Flynn Seeking Immunity

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Don’t Believe A Word The White House Says Round-Up

Rachel gets a gold star. She is all over this thing:

Fired US attorney at nexus of multiple Trump scandals

Can we at least see Ivanka and Jared’s tax returns since they seem to be running big chunks of the U.S. government.

Ivanka Trump is making her White House job official

And Nunes is acting more like a dirty cop with real legal vulnerabilities in this mess:

‘He won’t respond at this point’: Schiff says his relationship with Nunes ‘degraded’ over Trump-Russia probe

We haven’t had any rays of sunshine in a long while so– Proving that George W. Bush probably is a good guy to have a beer with (not a good person to be POTUS, though), he is reported to have said: “That was some weird shit.” when leaving Trump’s inauguration.

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You Can’t Scam An Honest Man

But America, America you can definitely scam. When this is over, if we survive it, we really need to sit down and have a talk with ourselves. A real Come To Jesus talk.

There are dozens of reasons why Putin’s cyberwar strategy has been so successful, but it was with infuriating ease that tens of millions of Americans were suckered by Putin’s plot and acted in accordance with it.– Bob Cesca

Russia’s cyberwar against America isn’t over — and the real target is democracy

But here we are, scammed by the Russians, with no real idea yet how deep the collusion and treason goes into our government, and one party, half of our political class in this country, seemingly obstructing the investigation to find out.

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