FYI: We Are At War

We are at war. It’s war all around us.

It’s cold comfort that the Rightwing Zombies are shooting at each other. Trumpy seems to want to gain some cred with the uber Right knuckle-draggers before he takes the axe to Sessions (the knuckle-draggers love Sessions because he’s a high ranking bigot), and, of course, Trumpy wants to fire AG Sessions so he can install a shill who will fire Special Investigator Mueller. Got all that? So, to gain respect with the drooling racists (i.e. “Christians”) he can kick trans people. Easy enough. Plus there’s rumors this also helps him get some kind of border wall fence votes out of pious bigots in the congress. It’s a two-for: turns out good old fashion Christian cruelty is a very lucrative game these days.

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Blowing Stuff Up Round-Up

The image above will link you to a youtube video about the MOAB, which military-fetish types call “mother of all bombs”. It actually stands for “massive ordinance air blast”.  Team Trumpy and their military knuckleheads are having a bang-up time right now, blowing shit up and threatening people. They don’t get to play with MOABs very often. They’re actually inefficient compared to dropping more, relatively small bombs. The brass justifies their big bang party by saying the MOAB has psychological effects that make it worth while. They really just like the super big boom. It’s really hard to listen to these people sometimes. It really is.

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‘It’s Passover So Let’s Deny The Holocaust’ and other Team Trump Favorites

Rachel Maddow explains Sean Spicer:

‘Talking is hard’: In brutal takedown, Rachel Maddow says it’s clear Sean Spicer can’t ‘handle this’

Even Rightwing RedState is getting very concerned:

Infinite War: Trump Sends An Armada Towards North Korea, Even As North Korea Threatens Nuclear Retaliation

Two madmen start playing chicken, what happens? Looks like we’re about to find out.

North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula

It’s been quiet on the Russiagate front. The FBI broke the silence with a big bomb leak today. This has got to be making Trumpy crazy(er). They had a FISA warrant on Carter Page because he was acting like a Russian agent. That’s big.

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Don’t Believe A Word The White House Says Round-Up

Rachel gets a gold star. She is all over this thing:

Fired US attorney at nexus of multiple Trump scandals

Can we at least see Ivanka and Jared’s tax returns since they seem to be running big chunks of the U.S. government.

Ivanka Trump is making her White House job official

And Nunes is acting more like a dirty cop with real legal vulnerabilities in this mess:

‘He won’t respond at this point’: Schiff says his relationship with Nunes ‘degraded’ over Trump-Russia probe

We haven’t had any rays of sunshine in a long while so– Proving that George W. Bush probably is a good guy to have a beer with (not a good person to be POTUS, though), he is reported to have said: “That was some weird shit.” when leaving Trump’s inauguration.

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A Cruel And Idiotic Government You Just Can’t Trust Round Up

A bone to make the ‘Christians’ happy:

Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students

Jesus must have been big into sadism because kicking sick immigrants seems to get them excited too:

Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

Police state USA is marching forward. Yay Liberty! Yay Freedom!

Arizona Senate allows cops to seize assets from anyone who takes part in a protest that turns violent

While on the police state issue– We really need to come up with practical ways to counter this police state data grab they’re pushing:

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Wretched Round-Up, Fascism Forever Edition

So, uh, Judge Gorsuch, uhm…? Where the hell do they find these people? Guy seems to love Christofascist corporate authoritarianism. Is that even a thing? Apparently so.

Gorsuch in His Youth: ‘Fascism Forever’

Curious and curiouser, The Breitbart editor, former 4chan alt-right troll, and gay Jewish white supremacist (?) Milo and Donald are having a lovefest inspired by the protest at Berkley over Milo’s scheduled and then cancelled speech there. The world has gotten very complicated.

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A Mean, Low-Down Spirit Takes Hold

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The Queer World Of Mike Pence

Mike Pence is not a big fan of The Gay. They love him on the zombie Right for this. I can report that the alt-right 4chan boys are crazy for Mike Pence. Remember Mike was one of the first ones out of the gate with the, so-called, ‘religious freedom’ laws when he was governor of Indiana. Don’t be fooled by the zombie’s 1984-reverse-naming-technique. ‘Religious Freedom’ to them means ‘right to discriminate’; like their ‘right to work’ laws are union killing laws. They are some perverted bastards, for sure.

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