John Bolton, Long Time Member Of The Clown Posse, Ups His Clown Game

We really can’t give Dubya enough credit for this. On his long list of national embarrassments don’t forget to add: Elevating John Bolton to Legitimate Government Clown. Thanks Dubya.

If the Russian’s goal is to undermine Americans’ confidence in their government, Bolton is a two-for. Either his insane ‘false flag’ blabbering in true (no), or John Bolton is in the government. Either way, it’s a real confidence killer. Up High, Vlad!

Trump favorite for State Dept. John Bolton tries to shift 2016 hacking blame from Russia to Obama

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What Passes For The Right’s Deep Thoughts by Molly Morrow

Redstate fancies itself a smart Rightie rag. They passively oppose Trump but their rag regularly cheers many of his, uhm, ‘policies’. Trump, if nothing else, is a great filter. Everyone is getting run through the Trump Filter, whether they like it or not. You will have to take a stand, one way or another. The bottom line is: You will either be supporting the Trump Right or opposing it. There’s really no middle ground.  You can tell me all day long about how you hate illegal immigration or love baby Jesus, or anything else you want to qualify it with, but if the bottom line is– You support Donald Trump… Bam! That’s really all we need to know, isn’t it?

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This Is Fine

Donald Trump takes aim at US intelligence community on Russia

Even Tea Party Douche Joe Walsh is realizing he got screwed. His twitter feed reads like a child learning there is a Santa Claus but he’s a psychopathic serial rapist and scam artist. Poor Joe. This would be funny if it wasn’t happening to the whole country:

Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom
There’s evidence Russia messed around with our election, but cuz our guy won, people on my side are ok with that?

That’s so fucking wrong.

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