For years I’ve had an obsession with tracking, following, reading and listening to Rightwing Zombies. I read their rags, their columns; I stalk their sites and listen to them argue.

Why? Two reasons. First I’m sincerely interested in examining and testing what passes for their smart ideas. I can honestly report that very little that I’ve seen passes even the most delicate testing. Once in a while, though, I come across a Right-winger whose had an epiphany. The second that happens they are expelled from the party. I like to keep a list of the exiles.

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Un-Fuckin’-Believable by Conservative Columnist Billy-Ray McNaughton

Baby Jesus’s Birthday Party is a big deal in the Christian Community I come from, Goddamn-it. The Whole extended McNaughton Clan meets up at Mae-Mae’s in Purvis, Mississippi and we give us some praise and glory to the True God of Murka!!! That’s the way we roll ’round here.

This Christmas was just the same, Glory to God! And after dinner, as is tradition, us men we go out back and crack-alack open some Budweisers and wax philosophical and political about the current state of affairs and such. It’s a man-thing, you may not understand.

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Rapture? by Gawain

A lot of artists and just good ones have left this dimension this year. Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Ali, Sharon Jones, Gene Wilder. The list is long and sad. Maybe it’s some version of what the Christians call the rapture. Could be. If it’s going by the modern calendar year then there’s six days of it left. And then?

If this theory is true then it looks like it’ll be mostly just warriors and demon zombies left. Get ready for war.

Joyeux Noel

Here’s a Christmas playlist, Feliz Navidad:

Christmas Playlist
John Lennon – So this is christmas with lyrics
by DetAnyway21
3:21 More

Bing Crosby – Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song)
by RoadCaptainEntertain
2:53 More

[Official Video] Silent Night (Live) – Pentatonix
by PTXofficial
3:42 More

Elvis Presley Blue Christmas
by russell rentfro
2:09 More

Annie Lennox – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
by AnnieLennoxVEVO
3:44 More

by sherrylynn70
4:04 More

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Pieces Of The Middle East by Molly

407822 AFPP An Israeli soldier carrying a stick argues with Palestinian women

The Middle East is a horror show of complications, but, but… it might make things a little less, well, horror-showish if, maybe, we tried a policy of doing what looks to be the right thing? Maybe? Once in a while?

The US gives a HUGE amount of money to the Israelis. You’d think for this kind of massive payout we might insist they in turn treat the Palestinians like, you know, Human Beings. Maybe.

There’s a lot of people in this country who would quickly call the Palestinians a bunch of terrorists if you suggested this. I seriously doubt that those same people would react well if they, their wives, children and loved ones were being treated anything like the Palestinians are being dehumanized and abused every day.

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Teen fuckin’ Vogue

Where the hell did they come from? Teenaged Valkyrie over here. They’ve been all over this election. And Tucker Carlson, douche supreme, recently got his own show on Fox. I follow the 4chan trolls closely and they love it. They’ve been calling him ‘The Buzzsaw” because he uses the tried and trued punk technique of booking a Lefty on his show to ‘debate’ but really he’s got some opposition research in his back pocket, something to throw off his opponent, and he’ll throw it down like an ace card when things get too hot for him.

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