100 Days Down The Rabbit Hole

Lies, Russians and embarrassing incompetence. That’s what we’re writing on the tombstone of Trumpy’s first 100 days of abomination.

This praising Kim Jong-un– add this to the Trumpy psych-profile– Serious Daddy Issues. He identifies with Kim:

Trump praises North Korean dictator from the Oval Office while his administration prepares for war

Here’s some good news, though: After 100 days we are still here, and the Resistance is hardening and growing:

Protest takes on Trump’s climate policies — and the heat — in DC march

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This piece from The Daily Beast by Rick Wilson is worth the read.

White House Death Match: Plutocrats vs. Racists

Rick is a GOP strategist but he’s smart and credible. He’s worth following on twitter too– @TheRickWilson.

Trumpy continues to give dangerous and incomprehensible interviews. Having the POTUS casually threaten “major, major conflict” is always good for the world’s psyche and emotional wellbeing.

Donald Trump warns of ‘major, major conflict’ with North Korea

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An Interview With Ivanka Trump– by Lance Akamai

Originally published 12/6/16

I was contacted by a source who claimed to be close to the incoming Trump Administration. Due to concerns for his personal safety he wished to remain anonymous. I was a little incredulous but information has been hard to come by so I agreed to meet him outside a methadone clinic in Tacoma on a cold and rainy Tuesday night. Below is a transcript from that meeting:

Anonymous Source (hereafter known as Anon): Thanks for the egg salad sandwiches and coffee.

Me: No problem. So, what is your connection to the Trump administration?

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3 Card Monte Economic Policy

The GOPers are setting up the card table. They’re already barking: “Step right up! A game of skill and intelligence! Step right up! A rising tide lifts all boats! Step right up for massive economic growth rates!”

We’ve been playing this game for 35 years. Come on now, America, don’t do it. Every time we play this game we end up poorer, more anxious and deeper in debt. Every time.

The GOPers like to say that they are the party of fiscal responsibility. Total bullshit. The GOPers will hog-wild debt spend on tax cuts for the rich and corporate entities (and tax cuts are a spending ‘investment’), and they will happily debt spend on the military and wars. Happily– and then, when the debt rises because of this irresponsible spending the GOPers will clutch their pearls and declare: “Oh My God! Look how the liberals have indebted our children! We must cut food stamps and educational benefits and HUD and meals on wheels, and Head Start, and…” It never fails. This is their game of three card monte. Again and again we’ve been getting suckered by this scam. Stop it America. Just stop it.

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Nuclear Armed Dynastic Kleptocracies

It’s a great business model, if you’re in the family. Not so good if you’re not in the family.

White House meeting with full Senate on North Korea sends alarming signal from an unprepared president

North Korean leader takes the salute as his army fires rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships during country’s ‘largest ever’ live-fire artillery drills

Once they get into power, with their family, and have nukes– they become a real dangerous pain in the ass to deal with.

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America May Have To Divide– Time To Call The Divorce Lawyer

96% of Trump voters would vote for him again today. That’s a big chunk of the country who thinks this is all A-Okay. There’s another large chunk of the country that is, maybe something more than, anxious right now. Those two chunks of the country are like oil and water.

And the pro-Trump chunk seems to be fine with an economic system that treats corporations and the rich as privileged citizens. The pro-Trump chunk of the country seems to be alright with exploiting our children and either consigning them to poverty or massive debt burdens when it comes to getting a critical higher education. They seem to be fine with all this, so long as black and brown people get an even worse deal.

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A Hundred Days Of ‘Their ass is on fire all day, every day.’

I love this quote from an unnamed White House correspondent. There has been other reporting on Trump’s comm. shop. Sounds like a fun place to work, if you like living in a state of ‘ass on fire’.

‘Their ass is on fire all day’: Trump’s White House press office has no idea what the president is doing

In France the Trump-like, Putin endorsed candidate, Le Pen, advances to a run-off election on May 7th. If she wins the global Trumpian de-construction will continue to spread.

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A Boatload Of Rat-F*cking

This looks totally legit. Trump has a tiny, itsy-bitsy inauguration but he raises more than double the previous record for inaugurations. So, Where’s the rest of that $107 million, Donny? And why did notorious bad actors give so much, and, why are they suddenly getting sweetheart deals and private meetings?

Here’s Who Donated to President Trump’s Gigantic Inauguration Fund

Huge indeed: $107 million in donations for Trump’s inaugural

Crisis-ridden Venezuela gave $500K to Trump inauguration

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The Best Thing Humanity Could Do For Planet Earth…

… is commit mass suicide…

Whoa, whoa, wait, what?

That got really dark really quick. Meant to say: Drastically cut human population down to no more, than, say, 300 to 500 million. That’s drastic, radical. But think about how nice it would be for the 300 or so million people on that earth. And the other life on the planet. And the planet in general.

Of course, no matter how many of the 300 million inhabitants were “woke”, or enlightened, or evolved, you know, for certain, that there would be some old school jackasses. Some of them, no doubt, would decide to start breeding fast again to take over the others. Or some of  the jackass subspecies would try to colonize another group. Or…, you get the idea.

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