Resistance is published by FreeRaven LLC. The views expressed in this publication are opinion and satire. Resistance is dedicated to resisting and ultimately defeating Rightwing policies. Resistance publication is strictly opinion and satire and everything published herein has the same validity as, say, the Pizzagate story or Trump saying he would have won the popular vote if ‘3 million illegals’ hadn’t voted.


Senior Editor: Molly Morrow. Molly lives is Washington State and has many cats.

Investigative Reporter: Lance Akamai. Born in Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii, Lance has cultivated many inside anonymous sources.

IT, Columnist, Psy-ops Specialist, Wizard (That’s what his resume said): Gawain W. Gawain is a complete mystery.

Conservative Columnist: Billy-Ray McNaughton. We mostly just spell check and publish his irate letters to us. The picture is from his Facebook page. He says he lives in an abandoned trailer next to a gravel pit in Southern Mississippi. who the hell knows?

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