Escalating Violence– Time For Sane Constitution Government– A New Political Action Committee

In a time of increasing political violence a re-newed commitment to sane, rule of law, constitutional government is even more important. HowNow is a new political action committee dedicated to supporting Democratic candidates who support that principle. HowNow PAC also advocates for a reformed grassroots, bottom up DNC. We support HowNow’s vision ¬†and encourage their support.

HowNow PAC

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This. Especially In Light Of The Baseball Field Shooting. Bold Plan Against Authoritarianism

The GOPers will fully exploit the baseball field shooting to try and further their corporate/authoritarian agenda. Do not be cowed. The response  should be a bold counter agenda.

Video: How To Resist Trump’s Shock Doctrine

Remember the GOPer reaction to the political murders on the Portland train? Remind the GOPers. Constantly.

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