Fight Terrorists With Justice Or The Terrorists Will Win

The US is making more terrorists every day with its unjust policy towards the Palestinians. The US’ undeclared war in Yemen is making more terrorists. Being in bed with the Saudis: Making more terrorists. Talk of interment camps: Making more terrorists. Religious travel bans: More Terrorists.

If we want to de-fang extremists of all types the only way, the only possible way, is to embrace justice, real justice. Do The Right Thing kind of justice. Strategic rationalizations, like looking the other way about Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians, won’t bring peace to the Middle East or protect the West from terrorists. Killing poor villagers in Yemen won’t help keep Britain safe. Gitmo will not make France or Belgium safe.

If you want to make the extremists isolated crackpots– be they Muslim, White Christians, black panthers, anarchists, noxious militia types — pursue economic justice and equal justice under the law. Real justice is the sun light that causes extremists to whither up and die.

What are the odds we’ll go the justice way? Fear sells much better. Macho, tough guy talk always sells better. Bomb the shit out of them– that’s the ticket. It’s been working great for as long as anyone can remember.

The most dangerous terrorists we face are the people exploiting the attacks. They are much more dangerous than ISIS or Al-Qaeda could ever hope to be.

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