Controlled Dynamic Violence– Memorial Day Portland Edition

The war is escalating whether you know it or not. The Right is ramping up for violence. They brag about it and organize for it on their discussion boards. If you think you’re going to passively protest, oppose or resist, well then you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. The Right is not going to let you get away with passive or peaceful anything.

The Right had already raised Kyle Chapman to hero status for clubbing Left protesters.

The Epic Sage Of Based Stickman

Now two men have been murdered on a Portland train for standing up to another Rightwing foot soldier, Jeremy Christian. Christian was known to police as a violent white supremacist and for his violent threats at Portland protests.

Video: Portland MAX stabbing suspect made racial threats hours before slayings

Portland suspect in 2 slayings on train is known for hate speech

Here’s the sobering take away: No one on the Left should be surprised when interactions or confrontations with the new Right turn deadly violent. The Right is escalating. They are planning for it. They will go completely violent. If you’re on the Left and think you’re going to “do the right thing”; if you’re going to stand up to be counted or protest or protect– be ready for serious violence. Be ready for it. It is coming.

Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal, however, told the Guardian that recent street protests had prompted Portland Republicans to consider alternatives to “abandoning the public square”.

“I am sort of evolving to the point where I think that it is appropriate for Republicans to continue to go out there,” he said. “And if they need to have a security force protecting them, that’s an appropriate thing too.”

Asked if this meant Republicans making their own security arrangements rather than relying on city or state police, Buchal said: “Yeah. And there are these people arising, like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.”

Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack

Alleged Portland Killer Ranted Night Before About Being Pepper-Sprayed, Woman Says

‘Final act of bravery’: Men who were fatally stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim rants identified

Teen on Portland train: ‘They lost their lives because of me and my friend’

We are in a state of war, whether you know it or not, and no matter how you feel about it, no matter how evil and wrong it is– We are in a state of war.

The Traitor in Chief? He’s busy banning people from twitter for making fun of him. Him and his government have nothing to say about the street level violence and murder. There is no help coming. The Left has to wrap it’s mind around this: We are at war and no one is coming to save us.

The Left had better learn to fight effectively, and quick.


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Texas governor jokes about shooting reporters

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